Thursday, November 18, 2010

Track any mobile number with KillerMobi

It happens in our day to day life we got missed calls or unknowns messages or sometimes our friends make fun with us by calling from a different number. Sometimes it is necessary to find from where we got this call. KillerMobi introduces a strong utility Mobile Number Tracer by which you can get some information about any mobile number like state, reference city, service provider. It is a free utility provided currently for java and blackberry mobile phones. Download free Mobile Number Tracer @ KillerMobi.

We are developing this for all other platform like android, iphone, windows mobile and brew. Stay tuned!

Download free mobile software @ KillerMobi

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mobile Astrologer by KillerMobi

We are pleased to announce that our close research about astrology, and market about astrology ended with an awesome product Mobile Astrologer. Mobile Astrologer is a mobile software which predict your inner personality, your nature, positivity and negativity in you in short the best in you which you should develop and worst in you which you should take care of. It is one another strong software presented by KillerMobi. Download free mobile astrologer software for your mobile at KillerMobi, check out